Supercell Android Reviews

How to Play Clash Royale for Android, iOS



1. What is Battle Deck?


Battle Deck is a selection of 8 cards from your collection. This choice is important: they will fight with you! Choose wisely. Having too many cards Elixir high? "Hands" you may be too slow to put a lot of troops. Balance is the key here, so try different combinations and see what has the most cruel blow!


2. What Is Arenas?


Arenas is the battlefield where you and your opponents fight fiercely for the trophy and victory. Currently there are 6 distinct Arenas: Goblin Stadium, Bone Pit, Barbarian Bowl, PEKKAs Playhouse, Spell Valley and Royal Arena. There is also a Training Camp, which is not an Arena per se, but rather a place where the training begins the road to victory. Use the Training Camp to experiment with new decks and hone your skills.

Progress through Arenas to get the trophy. Each suite Arena reveal new cards, drawn from the chest to win the battle of success.


3. How Calculated Cup ?


The number of trophies won or lost based on the difference between you and the enemy of your trophies. In general, if you win against a player who has more trophies than you, you will be rewarded with trophies. Conversely, losing against the enemy with little trophy makes you lose more.


4. How can advance to the next Arena ?


The only way to advance is to get more Arena Cup.


5. What does it mean Sudden Death ?


Sudden death occurs when both opponents are bound when the clock runs out. Time is added to the game. After that, whoever scores first wins!


6. What Is a Hit Speed ?


Hit Speed is the rate at which soldiers, or building defensive attack. For example: Crown Towers with First hit speeds up to second will issue a fire once per second.


7. How can I control the troops ?


After use, the unit will attack their own, and can not be steered by the player. Forces will continue depends on their ability and the desired target: check every card info page to learn their place in the battle, organize them into a deck that suits you. clash royale cards